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OBARAMOKUZAI manufactures incombustible lumber, semi-incombustible lumber and "Tough Wood" having preservative performance and anti-termite performance. These woods are added new performance to leave the natural tree color and natural scent intact.

Forest is the source of water supply for our daily life. To keep local forest in good condition, active use of local wood is essential. OBARAMOKUZAI, therefore, has made it possible to use wood in various scenes where we could not use wood before by applying new performance.

OBARAMOKUZAI manufactures and sells incombustible and semi-incombustible lumber certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and "Tough Wood" having preservative performance and anti-termite performance injected preservative certified by Japan Wood Protection Association. In our own factory of 60 years' history as a sawmill, we have adopted integrated production process from timber stock to cutting and chemical injection.

We make proposals to customers by making full use of know-how on wood accumulated for many years. Especially for incombustible lumber, safe, secure performance and high quality is closely examined, therefore, for its high reliability, it is used nationwide for buildings by famous architects, the facilities visited by many people such as Tokyo Sky Tree and Haneda Airport, and shrines and temples of World Heritage.

We also have semi-incombustible tile that can create unique interior design even in the spaces of architectural restriction. We also offer injection service for wood materials ordered or brought in by customers, and receive specially ordered sizes such as wood of 50mm thick or more. We have a variety of product lineups including wood brick of "Tough Wood" (100 × 200mm size) which allow various design planning.

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