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We at Nice Corporation work with our customers to build the homes of their dreams.

We provide products and services founded on a close interaction among our extensive range of information, know-how and technologies covering our two core businesses of building materials and housing to help our customers realize their dream homes. Our business roots are in the timber auction market, so we are very committed when it comes to wood. The keywords we adhere to in our wooden housing are "safety", "reliability" and "comfort". We emphasize harmony with the local community in our housing sales, and design, develop and supply housing from a local perspective.

We also provide the original products such as ObiRED and Gywood. "ObiRED" is the product which has excellent preservation/anti-termite performance by two processes. Avoid losing great feature of heartwood of Obisugi, and finished it with our own technology. Except wooddeck materials, we also have a variety of product lineups like siding, flooring, Bed, etc.

By surface compression technology “Gywood” , Japanese cedar has the surface of hardness of hardwood. Not compressing every part of the wood, and compressing only the surface, it inherited merits such as lightness and warmth of Japanese softwood. It also has the merit of hardness of hardwoods and has been reborn as a valuable material. We provide not only solid board which you can process it freely,but also flooring, counter and table.



Solid Board of Gywood

Flooring (Gywood)

Company Nice Corporation
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