De Castelli

金属製家具:De CastelliのFrame Mirror(左)、Marea Cabinet(奥)、Placas Coffee Table (右)

メタルコーティング:VeroMetal Wall System (Decorative Wall Art) 緑青

  • 空間デザイン団体
  • 建築金物
  • Furniture
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Luxury metal furniture & metal tiles made in Italy and special metal coatings made of over 95% metal in Germany


Aichi Metal manufactures building metal products with an integrated in-house production system from design to manufacturing, construction, and after-maintenance. Our products, which have excellent technical capabilities by skilled craftsmen and high design, are made with attention to joints and surface treatment, and the attractiveness of metal, and are used in a wide range of fields such as detached houses, condominiums, hotels, and commercial facilities. It is adopted in. In addition, we also handle excellent overseas metal products, further refining our development, design, technical, and proposal capabilities.

Italian luxury metal furniture "De Castelli"

It is a high-class metal furniture handled by Aichi Metal as the sole agent in Japan. For the first time in Japan, we will develop metal furniture that incorporates innovative designs into the traditional Italian manufacturing technology and unique know-how cultivated by craftsmen, and metal tiles that maximize the attractiveness of metal.

Special metal coating "Vero Metal" born in Germany

Aichi Metal is proud of its special metal coating, which is made of more than 95% metal. The surface of all materials is metallized to create a texture peculiar to metal, and the lightweight and durable [paintable metal] is used for processing that goes beyond the framework of making furniture.


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